Global Energy Solutions offers a full range of transformer products and solutions for ANSI, IEC and other local standards. Global works with major transformer manufacturers throughout the world and offers both liquid-filled and dry-type transformers to meet our customers’ needs.  From medium and high voltage electrical equipment, we offer product lines for sub stations, overhead, and underground and in plant medium voltage distribution systems.Transformer 

Global offers power, pad-mount and cast coil transformers.  Power transformers up to 500kv as well as 3 KW pad and cast coil units.  We work with many different industries including utilities and industrial substations (textile, pulp and paper, cement, petrochemical, steel plant, mining, food, etc)

  • Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Overhead and Pad Mounted
  • Power Capacitors
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Air Break Disconnect Switches
  • Reclosers